"Most wonderful dentist. I have had a fear of dentists since I was a child. I had to see Dr. Velling for a cracked tooth, and he made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I have never had that experience with a dentist before. I would recommend him to everyone."
— RE


"I can't believe it! After the sedation and all my treatment, I went home and barely remembered a thing that happened. What's really amazing was that I always have a sore jaw afterward but this time I had no problem. That is the definitely the way to go. I always know I am in the right place here."
— MB


"Thank you very much for the beautiful job you did yesterday on my fillings and thank you for the extra touch with the blanket and hand warmers."
— PS


"I'm so happy with my crown and the amazing service I received during my appointments (all of it). Thank you for your service to those who need great dental work and repair. I'm smiling much bigger now!"


"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our family. You're amazing - I'm always grateful for your help, skill and expertise. And Diane, thank you for squeezing me into the busy dental schedule. I always appreciate your help and concern."
— KA


"I just want to thank you for helping me solve my problem. I'm still waiting on my permanent crown, but for now I have temporary one, which has been placed on the implant. Thank you again."
— PC


"The best of the best.... I have been going to Dr. Velling for many years now, even though my daughter-in-law works for another dentist. He is honest, gentle and always up front with problems and costs. Diane and the office staff are five star also! Give Dr. Velling and his staff a try - and you'll be Dr. Velling's patient for life."
— EB


"I don't mind driving from Granite Falls. Your office has a special place in my heart. You're so patient and gentle with me."
— CW


"I can't believe that I waited all these years to have my front teeth fixed."
— (with tears) DC

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